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Wibit locations around the world

Wibit SportsParks and PoolTracks can be found in 100 countries around the world. Zoom into the world map to find a wide selection of Wibit locations. Choose between “Open water” and “Commercial Pool” to see the type of location you are looking for. Switch to the satellite view on the left of the map and you can sometimes even see a real SportsPark in the water. (Tip: Croatia´s coast is covered in Wibit!)

The Wibit community is constantly expanding – there is a good chance for another Wibit park near you even if it is not listed here. To assure the doors of your preferred location are open at your preferred time, please check-out the latest information on google or the individual location websites.

Success stories

Hotel, Europe

Camp, Canada

Camp, Canada

Beach, Ireland

Beach, USA

Lake, France

Wake Park, UK

Beach, Bali

Hotel, Thailand

Beach, Dubai

Wake Park, UK