Add Fun to every Visit

Installing a Wibit combination at your facility attracts crowds and creates a unique experience, steady visitor stream, and the opportunity to generate even greater profits — all at low operating costs!

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More visitors — more revenue

The variety of activities and games you can offer with Wibit makes every visit a unique experience. With our modular design and innovative products, the fun never gets old!

You can count on guests returning week after week to see what new, dynamic experience you have to offer. Wibit combinations will make your pool stand out on the competitive leisure market. Visitors will want to spend countless hours navigating their way through challenging obstacles, building up a huge appetite for the snacks, meals, souvenirs and the other amenities you offer, building profits for your pool.

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New business opportunities

Wibit is more than just products on the water. A variety of games and events designed around our Wibit products promote social interaction, balance, coordination, and motor skill development for people of all ages. We’ve developed a collection of activities to entertain visitors and increase the attraction of your commercial pool.

Our combinations are perfect for family celebrations, team-building exercises, fitness classes, and more. With Wibit-themed parties and retreats, you will be able to add many new visitor target groups.

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“Wibit Wednesdays”

Think about offering different games on select days throughout the week or introduce “Wibit Wednesdays.” Be imaginative and listen to your customers! Keep offering the most popular activities and watch your visitors return week after week, day after day, to see what you have to offer.

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Simple and safe set-up

Wibit makes owning, operating, expanding, and maintaining your combination easy. The Wibit experts will help you every step of the way, from choosing the right modules to storage and operating tips. We want you to be successful.

With Wibit safety is guaranteed. Wibit products comply with the newest safety standards recognized worldwide and are designed to minimize entrapment hazards. The Wibit pool booms offer a safe way of horizontal anchoring, making it safe to jump down even from a higher sliding product.


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Find your best Wibit-fit

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Proven winners

Proven fun and action for common pool shapes and sizes!

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Let us tailor your perfect fit layout!


For kids aged 4+

Specially designed open water combinations for the youngest fun-seekers!

Are you ready to add a unique attraction to your local pool?

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