We made it!

28,900 m²! An area the size of 5 football fields! Space for over 600 visitors at the same time!

We have built the largest water park in the world!

How did we manage to get a fun paradise of this size on the water? With much dedication, ambition, experience and expertise.

Our route to holding a world record!

The whole project started with the idea of our Indonesian partner Yudiansah “Yudi” Yosal from PT Ecomarine Indo Pelago. He had the idea of a WibitTAG with the letters “INDONESIA” written on the water, and with this he wanted to support his homeland. Our park designers then created a custom made 3D layout.

Go for it

The layout immediately convinced the government officials responsible, and quickly allowed Yudi to find a suitable location for the INDONESIA TAG. It soon became clear that Secret Bay in Gilimanuk, Bali, was the ideal location for us.

With the suitable location secured and many advantages to support its approval, Yudi then received the official go ahead for the development of the water area.

Only then were our Wibit Installation experts able to make their way to the location as part of a “pre-inspection“, in order to check the suitability of the planned location including water depth etc. During the inspection, the position of the TAG was adjusted to fully meet our high safety standard requirements.


It was then time to plan the optimal design of the location. This included for example the construction of washrooms, restaurants and kiosks. Our experience has taught us that the infrastructure is just as important to a successful business as the park itself.

Finally it was time for the products to be delivered!

2 shipping containers – 10.7 tons material – 177 individual Elements

While the goods were still on their way to Bali, we focused on a marketing campaign to ensure a successful opening of the WibitTAG. We got local media on board, set up social media, and made first contact with Guinness World Records®. When it became clear that the INDONESIA TAG would actually become the largest water park in the world, our ambition for the project increased even more.

At the beginning of September the water park was installed in 5 days by a 6-member Wibit Installation Team, with the support of many local helpers. Even with their experience of over 700 installations in 100 different countries, this was something very special for the team.

After all, a park of this size had never been installed before.

Installation and trainings

As part of the installation, local operators and staff were extensively trained in all operational matters such as a daily checklist, key safety measures and successful Marketing. As with every Wibit installation, employees have been extensively trained in maintenance, cleaning, and storage to ensure that all products are fun in the long

The park was on the water and everything was prepared for a successful startup. The question still remained ‘have we actually built the largest water park of all time’? YES! We have!

The moment of measuring

On September 19, 2019, Anna Orford the official referee of Guinness World Records® was in Bali to check the world record attempt, and during the grand opening ceremony handed us the much sought-after certificate.

Granted, there was some nervousness during the survey, but when the panel came back on their boat and we were acknowledged by a slight nod from afar, the joy and pride was unbelievable.

It was an unforgettable day for us. So many happy people in one place.

“The whole region is so proud to open the world’s largest aqua park and the first Wibit SportsPark in Bali. We are sure it will be a huge success for the local business attracting thousands of locals and visitors.”

Yudi, owner

And we have realised again: that’s exactly what we do it for!


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