Wibit products are differentiated into two categories: modular and standalone. Modular products can be connected to each other in any order, shape and form. Standalone products can be used independently to add even more variety, challenge and attraction.

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Over the last decades and with the expertise from hundreds of installations in 100 countries, Wibit has developed over 20 design parameters to create the ideal water park for you and your visitors! All our expertise is incorporated into our unique Perfect Fit configurator (PFC). To start designing your individual “perfect fit” pool or open water combination, we simply need to know

· your location details

· your water depth and dimensions

· how many people you would like to entertain at the same time

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The EN ISO 25649 standard defines numerous safety requirements for the use of inflatable products on the water. One important requirement is that a specific minimum water depth needs to be given at all times.

Since the minimum water depth needs to be in relation to jumping and potential falling heights provided by the various products, the ISO standard stipulates that two different formulas need to be used: one for regular products and one for jumping products (e. g. trampolines).


Water depth calculation for regular products

Minimum water depth = product height + average height of an adult (1.80m or 5′-10″) divided by 2.


Water depth calculation for jumping products

For jumping products, there is an additional factor that needs to be taken into account: the jumping height. In addition, every manufacturer is free to add an extra water depth wherever they feel this is relevant. Safety being our number one priority at Wibit our safety experts have decided to add a 15 cm / 0′-6″ buffer for some products (e. g. the Trampoline) in order to make sure they are used in a safe water depth.


The formula is thus defined as follows:

Minimum water depth = product height + average height of an adult + max. jumping height divided by 2 + extra water depth (15cm / 0′-6″).

The Wibit electric pump will make inflation and deflation of almost all products quick and simple. The hand pump has been specifically designed for inflating Wibit products that need a pressure of up to 10 psi / 0,7 bar.

The correct air pressure is shown on each product and in the product manual. A manometer included with each accessories kit helps to find the right pressure

Thanks to our products not using constant air inflation, you only have to inflate them once and there is no permanent energy consumption. Compared to other activities on the water (like motor boats or jet skis), Wibit products do not consume any fuel and thus do not pollute the water.

Two connecting straps and a safety flap are standard components of every modular Wibit product. The connector straps are attached to anchor plates on the bottom of the products. The safety flap is attached with velcro and safely covers the gap between two products.

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The set up time depends on the number and size of the products as well as the number of helpers. As an example, two people can set up an AquaTrack (6 products) in less than 30 minutes. The Wibit kids products are smaller and even easier to handle.

For installations in open water the professional Wibit installation team with an experience of more than 700 SportsPark installations worldwide guarantees speed, safety and savings. With an installation often being three times faster than any alternative solution, you’ll get your water park up and running and earning revenue much quicker. With a Wibit installation you will have peace of mind during the whole process and can focus on other business preparations.

Installation in pools:

Depending on the pre-existing attachment features of your pool, products can be anchored in three different ways:

· Use bungee cords to horizontally anchor your PoolTrack to the pool edge

· Use anchor sacks to vertically anchor your PoolTrack to the bottom of your pool

· For maximum safety, we recommend the use of Wibit pool booms for horizontally anchoring high sliding or jumping products and the Wibit Kids pool combinations.

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Installation in open water:

Floating water parks have to be properly anchored for maximum security. Applying different anchoring techniques based on the characteristics of each terrain is best left to the Wibit experts. From custom concrete blocks to earth anchors, there is an optimal number of anchors to ensure that each SportsPark reacts well to inevitable environmental stressors like wind and waves and that you do not have to reposition any anchors.

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At Wibit, we can react quickly to your needs! Our inflatables, equipments and spare parts are always in stock and available when you need them. The products are shipped in a double layered cardboard box. Each product is covered with a transport bag that can also be used to store the products. We are experienced in delivering products in 100 countries worldwide and our team of logistics experts will assist you in finding the best and most cost-efficient available transport form for your individual location.

All our products are shipped with a comprehensive product manual with detailed explanations about set up, assembly, safety, anchoring, cleaning and minor repairs if necessary. In addition, you will receive various accessories like pumps, connector straps, safety flaps, transport bags, bungees and a complete accessories kit and a fully equipped Repair tool box (depending on the value of your combination).

Wibit guarantees the correct workmanship of its products for a period of:

 3 years for Wibit inflatable products and 1 year for buoyancy aids, gear, spare parts and all Wibit-branded electrical parts such as electric pumps etc.

For full details please see our Terms of Guarantee.

The starting point for every SportsPark is getting the concession and all necessary permits for a prime location (e. g. a beach that is highly frequented by tourists/locals). This can differ from country to country and sometimes even from location to location. So if you already have a location in mind, please contact your local authorities to find out what is needed. During your conversations with the local authorities, whenever a question comes up that you can’t answer, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We have helped our customers appeal for concession rights countless times and know which arguments might count and what needs to be considered among the administration procedure. Wherever needed, we will support you with our expertise and professional documentation on safety, the reliable Wibit brand and our added value.

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At Wibit we focus on selling our fun combinations to places all over the world. But if you are interested in renting a Wibit product, one of our following partners might be able to help:

H2O Fun Events – Germany H20 Fun Events as the name implies is all about creating something special on the water. H20 will transform your pool into a “water carnival” atmosphere and have your patrons wanting to come back for more. Wibit and H2O Fun events have a long-term partnership.

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Thétys – France Thétys is an innovative event company founded in 2005. The company is characterized through the development of original concepts and creative water play. Unique in France in this form. Thétys specializes in the implementation of new pool trends and games. Wibit and Thétys have been cooperating for several years. Paired by their innovative approach and attempt to create ever-new water sports ideas, an “evolution of waterplay” is enjoyed to the fullest.

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