From installation to storage – Pool handling made easy

For the safety and security of your visitors, it is vital that your pool combination is anchored and set up properly.

Pool installation

Depending on the pre-existing attachment features of your pool, products can be anchored in three different ways:

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Bungee cords

horizontally anchor your PoolTrack to the pool edge

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Anchor sacks

vertically anchor your PoolTrack to the bottom of your pool

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Pool booms

horizontally anchor your PoolTrack at maximum safety

What are pool booms?

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Pool booms are German TÜV certified and ensure safe horizontal anchoring of Wibit inflatables and maximum safety to your pool facility. They are a permutation of the bungee anchoring system, but with thick foam padding to protect against sliding or jumping. Pool booms replace the need for vertical anchoring and can be connected to many different types of deck mounted stationary pool equipment such as handrails, starting blocks, and lane connectors.

What is the safety distance?

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For safety reasons, all Wibit combinations require a minimum distance of 3m / 10’ from the edge of the pool and any other solid object.

Our Wibit experts can help you decide which techniques to apply for your specific products and pool.

Pool operation

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Wibit will help you every step of the way when it comes to the operation of your PoolTrack. Maximized happiness for you and your visitors are key to us, this is why you can count on our expertise and tremendous amount of operating tips to make your business run successful.

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Thanks to all Wibit products being modular it is easy to change a Bridge to a Cliff or to adjust the length of your PoolTrack from AquaDuel to a tailor-made combination for special events like birthday parties. The Wibit connection system including specially designed safety flaps and connectors makes updates and upgrades safe and easy.

Pool maintenance & storage

How often do I need to clean my products? How and where do I best store them? How can I handle smaller repairs? Wibit does not leave you alone when it comes to all of these questions. Our team of experts plus our vast library of manuals and videos demonstrating how to use and maintain our products will assure a smooth running business.

Let the Wibit experts help you optimize your pool operation and maintenance.

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