Springboard Subline Conquer this jump tower!
Turn Subline Turn and continue with the fun!
ActionTower XL Subline Are you ready to challenge yourself?
ActionTower XXL Subline A mountain of challenges!
Balance Beam Subline Good possibility to show your physical strengths in a face-to-face competition.
Target Subline A round race course on the water!
Base Subline A Raft! Or the start to many games and events.
Beach Tent Subline Operational support to register new guests.
Billboard Subline Communication in an easy way!
Bouncer XXL Subline Ocean or lake, the Bouncer is sure to be the centre of attention.
Bridge Subline The perfect obstacle to make your combination more challenging and exciting
Cliff Subline Combine's speed, strength, and agility. Taking on this "mountain" is more than a challenge.
Curve Subline Test your speed on this banked corner. You'd better be quick or you'll slide off the Curve. Use it to build the ultimate race course on the water. Race you to the finish!
Sports Park XL The ultimate water playground Another Sports Park revolution generated this ultimate island of fun for everyone.
Deck Subline Use the Deck as a floating lifeguard stand in the water. Stand on top or sit around and oversee everything going on around you. Can also be combined as an obstacle in the Sports Park.
Dome Subline Climb the Dome and start a jump contest with your friends.
Flip Subline Use the Flip as a stand-alone item or connect to another Wibit product.
Flipper Subline Jump on one end of the Flipper and launch the other person through the air and into the water.
Halfpipe Subline Slip and slide on the water!
High Roller Subline This brand new product is unique in the inflatable watersports business and a real challenge for visitors.
Hurdle Subline The Hurdle now comes modular and can be integrated into any pool or open water combination!
IceTower XXL Subline The massive IceTower XXL will challenge even the most gifted climbers.
Junction Subline Create a crisscross and new configurations with your Wibit products. Connections are possible on all 4 sides.
Guard Board Subline The Guard Board allows for a dynamic surveillance in the Sports Park and quick help if needed.
Guard Tower Subline The new Guard Tower has an optimal height for a good overview.
L-Connect Subline Activation of the infinite loop configuration of new Sports Parks.
Sports Park L Pure action and fun This large combination has endless routes of fun with all kinds of obstacles.
Monkey Bars Subline The Monkey Bars is a one-of-a-kind product innovation in waterplay and will bring a new dimension of fun to a Sports Park!
Quarterpipe Subline There are different ways to cross this challenging product and they are all fun.
RodeoSlide Subline Feel like a cowboy on the water!
RodeoSplash Subline Ride the tubes or slide down in between for the ultimate cooling-down experience.
Roller Subline Balance your way across from one end to the other. Who gets to the other side?
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