Soccer friends

<center>Soccer friends</center>

Romann and Robert meet on a soccer field. They become friends and decide to sell the first water trampolines in Europe.


First business

<center>First business</center>

Foundation of Aqua Toys Trading GmbH.


Innovative thinking

<center>Innovative thinking</center>

The game-changing idea to bring a playground to the water is born – the first floating waterpark worldwide.


Birth of Aviva

<center>Birth of Aviva</center>

Company rebranding to Aviva Sports Trading GmbH.

Inflatable pioneer

<center>Inflatable pioneer</center>

Production of the first hot air welded inflatable product in PRC.


Big brands love our products

<center>Big brands love our products</center>

First branded custom-color water park for Coca-Cola.


The birth of Wibit

<center>The birth of Wibit</center>

Company rebranding to Wibit Sports GmbH. The market leading brand is officially born.

A new modular era

<center>A new modular era</center>

Inspired by “LEGO”, a new interlocking and modular style of water park is conceived to reinvent the industry.


Birth of a proven pool winner

<center>Birth of a proven pool winner</center>

First pool combination “AquaTrack” is sold.

Wibit windows revolution

<center>Wibit windows revolution</center>

World’s first SportsPark using the typical “Wibit windows” system. Today, 95% of all water parks use this system.


Infinity revolution

<center>Infinity revolution</center>

The InfinityLoop configuration revolutionizes playing on the water by preventing bottlenecks.


Unique message on the water

<center>Unique message on the water</center>

The new WibitTAG system is the world´s first floating communication tool that gives an iconic identity to each location.


Game-changing RouteFinder

<center> Game-changing RouteFinder </center>

The innovative RouteFinder brings user satisfaction to the next level.


Welcome to China

<center>Welcome to China</center>

Foundation of Wibit Sports China.


The next step up

<center>The next step up</center>

The creation of the patent Wibit step up system (SUS) is another evolution of inflatable accessibility providing multiple points of entry.

Growing Wibit family

<center>Growing Wibit family</center>

Argos Wityu invests in the world market leader of inflatable floating waterparks.


Maximum fun for the youngest

<center>Maximum fun for the youngest</center>

Invention of the first line of products worldwide specially developed for young kids age 4 and up.

Welcome to the Middle East

<center> Welcome to the Middle East </center>

New Wibit branch office opened in Bahrain.

World Record

<center>World Record</center>

The INDONESIA TAG in Bali is the largest floating inflatable water park in the world – officially approved by Guinness World Records™.


Coming soon…

<center>Coming soon…</center>

We are already working on the next evolution of waterplay…

Success stories

Hotel, Europe

Camp, Canada

Camp, Canada

Beach, Ireland

Beach, USA

Lake, France

Wake Park, UK

Beach, Bali

Hotel, Thailand

Beach, Dubai

Wake Park, UK