Combinations for open water

The infinite loop configuration of Wibit‘s open water combinations allows endless routes of fun.
This unique shape makes our Sports Parks so popular, as never ending paths prevent bottlenecks and always offer a direction to take.  

In our standard combinations we combine our most famous modules to make your Sports Park diversified and successful. With a deep passion for sports, we constantly look for new fun products to challenge your guests.

Sports Park XL The ultimate water playground Another Sports Park revolution generated this ultimate island of fun for everyone.
Sports Park L Pure action and fun This large combination has endless routes of fun with all kinds of obstacles.
Sports Park M Action for many people All guests will be entertained by products of different challenge levels.
Sports Park S For small budgets The fun will never end!
KidsZone Small people - big adventure Specially designed for the youngest fun-seekers.
DockingStation Stand Up Paddling new defined A floating Dock on the water also for exercise lessons or Yoga classes.
Start-up For small budgets The Start-up is a playground station with exciting products and fun for kids and adults alike.

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