The ideal water park should fit your location like a glove

The number of people you want to entertain at the same time (= capacity of your combination) is one important question we will ask you when designing your individual SportsPark or PoolTrack. But what about your dimensions, budget, your target groups, traffic flow, user experience…?

Over the last decades and with the expertise from hundreds of installations in 100 countries, Wibit has developed over



to create the ideal water park for you and your visitors!

Wibit Planning Computer Web

All our expertise is incorporated into our unique

Perfect fit configurator (PFC)

Unlimited layout options

Your personal customized layout

To start designing your individual “perfect fit”, we simply need to know:

your location details

your water depth and dimensions

how many people you would like to entertain at the same time

Get in touch and let our team of professionals tailor the best fit layout according to your individual needs!

Success stories

Hotel, Europe

Camp, Canada

Camp, Canada

Beach, Ireland

Beach, USA

Lake, France

Wake Park, UK

Beach, Bali

Hotel, Thailand

Beach, Dubai

Wake Park, UK

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