Ralf Schwung, former Commercial Director at Wibit, takes over the position as Managing Director. Co-founder Robert Cirjak is stepping back from day-to-day-operations and continues as Global Brand Ambassador as member of the Advisory Board.

One of the largest projects in Wibit’s history celebrated it´s opening in Salmiya, Kuwait! With a total size of 300 x 30 meters and more than 370 inflatable modules, more than 730 people can enjoy exciting moments on the water at once.

Wibit not only invented the first inflatable water park ON the water, but was also able to revolutionize water sports again on November 1st, 2022 with the first high ropes course ABOVE the water.

After the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS©-title in 2019, an even larger floating park, the “Saudi Arabia-TAG” with a capacity of 700 people has been installed in August 2021 at Pure Beach in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia.

The 100th country where a wibit water park was opened – Mongolia. It’s another step forward in wibit history!

New Wibit branch office opened in Bahrain.

The innovative RouteFinder brings user satisfaction to the next level.

World’s first SportsPark using the typical “Wibit windows” system. Today, 95% of all water parks use this system.

The “Indonesia-TAG“ in Bali was officially approved by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS© for the largest floating water park in the world.

Invention of the first line of products worldwide specially developed for young kids age 4 and up.

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