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Safety features

Wibit designs products that ensure they are safe and usable for all swimmers:

  • Via adequate labeling: Graphic symbols that are clear and visible 
  • Functional safety: girths, gaps and openings that will not cause entrapment 
  • No protruding parts: prevents the user from entanglement (for example when sliding)
  1. Handles with special design to avoid any entrapment hazards.
  2. Safety cover flaps. No entrapment hazards between or on the elements.
  3. Secure locking valve. Special valves that can not be opened during use.
  4. Warning labels and pictograms that comply to EN 15649. 
  5. Extra wide safety pad for added security.
  6. Stainless steel springs that won't rust.
  7. Commercial grade anchor attachment points.
  8. Reinforced welded seams.

= Testing Verification Certification

Safety and reliability of products depends on the adequate knowledge of the user related to water activities. Third party testing in accordance with world renowned German TÜV (www.tuev.com) safety inspectors ensure products are safe.

  • In water tests conducted and assessed by technical experts experienced with floating articles
  • Probes, templates, visual examination are used to certify safety
  • Wibit will provide TÜV certificates that indicate products meet and exceed safety requirements


International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets worldwide dangerous goods regulations (DGR) to protect and record the shipping of dangerous materials.

Wibit staff has been trained in this area and officially granted the right to ship glue  and PVC cleaner which classify as dangerous goods.

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