Wibit tags Dubai The so-called “DubaiTAG” is the first of its kind in the whole world. It has been installed at the famous Jumeirah Beach Residence beginning of September.
Successful Surfexpo! One day prior to the exhibition, Wibit Sports presented their SUP DockingStation during the DemoDay at the Orlando Watersports Complex.
Wibit takes over the islands Since the opening of the first Wibit Sports Park in Sicily it has been a magnet for big and small.
Review FSB Cologne ... at the FSB this was portrayed by the unmistakable, innovative booth design!
Wibit at the NRPA Wibit Sports is exhibiting at the trade fair for National Recreation and Park Association.
Wibit's trade show season starts at the NRPA Here is an overview of the trade show dates for the next 3 months.
“MISSION OLYMPIC“ accomplished Many sports fans faced the bad weather and had loads of fun on and with the Wibit products!
Wibit meets Camp David Inspired by the “Wasser ist Bewegung” Event last year at Robinson Club Fueteventura.
Wibit on tour in the middle kingdom CEO Robert Cirjak travelled to China, to bring them closer to water sport.
Wibit conquers the market in the Netherlands The Grand Opening of the first Wibit Sports Park in the Netherlands took place in Hellevoetsluis near Rotterdam.
ROBINSON meets Wibit – two events that underlined what friendly competition is! This summer the fifth „Wasser ist Bewegung“-Event took place in Robinson Club Kalimera Kriti on Crete.
Wibit captures the hearts of the Spanish A gigantic Wibit wave rolls through Spain this summer...
Take part and win! Wibit Photo Contest! Wibit has launched the first Facebook Photo Contest!
West Vancouver Aquatic Centre Hosts Canada’s first annual Wibit AquaGames Event Wibit, made a big splash with Canada’s first AquaGames event for Lifeguards.
Wibit Sports exhibited at the Tri-State camp conference The Tri-State camp conference was the second trade show this year where Wibit represented itself.
Wibit Sports presents the new FlatTopTM products at the “BOOT” in Düsseldorf Once again this year there were numerous exhibitors and water sports fans at the “BOOT” in Düsseldorf.

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