Trampoline 4 Subline The Trampoline 4 is the heart of the new and unique Wibit INFINITY configuration. It enables endless routes into all directions.
V-Connect Subline The new V-Connect is an easy obstacle to run or crawl over.
SportsPark S Perfect for smaller locations The fun will never end!
PoloGoal Goal! Just grab a ball and start playing!
Volley A floating court! A new dimension of Beach Volleyball: Play it on the water!
SportsLoop Perfect for smaller budgets Have fun in the loop - again and again
Wibit Hand Subline A little play or relax island.
WiggleBridge NM* Subline Who hasn't dreamt of being able to walk over water? The Wibit Wiggle Bridge NM* makes it possible!
WiggleDisc 3, 6 or 12 discs? The more Discs there are, the more challenging it gets!
WiggleBridge StartBlock Test your balance und speed Modular StartBlocks enable the WiggleBridge within a combination.
Y-Connect Subline The Y-Connect is an important element of the Wibit INFINITY configuration.
DockingStation Stand Up Paddling new defined A floating Dock on the water also for exercise lessons or Yoga classes.
StartUp The perfect starter combination The StartUp is a playground station with exciting products and fun for kids and adults alike
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