• 01. What's the price for the Wibit products?

    Wibit products range from 550 € to 11.995 €  /  $ 650 to $ 13,195
    Wibit combinations range from 3.175 € to 157.445 €  / $ 3,875 to $ 187,545

  • 02. What is the difference between modular and standalone Wibit products?

    Wibit products are differentiated into two categories: modular or standalone. Modular products can be connected to each other in any order, shape and form. Standalone products can be used to add even more variety, challenge and attraction.

  • 03. What parameters do I need to consider when choosing the right combination for my pool?

    Water depth, budget, pool dimensions and capacity are important parameters to consider. Apart from these standard parameters, we understand which additional criteria are relevant to find the right Wibit combination for you. Are you planning to organize events with Wibit products or do you prefer using them for free play? What about your storage space and available staff for the handling of the products? Maybe there are special requirements for the anchoring in your pool? Let us know what’s important for you and we’ll come up with the perfect setup for your specific needs!

  • 04. How is the minimum water depth calculated?

    The formula is: height of product + average height of a person (1.80m or 5.90') divided by 2. You can find all minimum water depths in the product section.

  • 05. How do you inflate/deflate?

    The Electric Pump will make inflation quick and simple. You can also deflate with the same Electric Pump. In addition a hand pump can be used for some of the smaller sized products.

  • 06. How do I know the correct air pressure?

    The correct air pressure is written on each product. A manometer included with each pump helps to find the right pressure.

  • 07. Does Wibit need a constant air pump for inflation?

    The products do not use constant air inflation. Instead the products only need to be inflated once as they are sealed.

  • 08. How are the modular Wibit products connected to one another?

    Two connecting straps and a safety flap are standard components of every modular product. The two connector straps are attached to anchor plates on the bottom of the products. The safety flap is attached with velcro and covers the gap between two products safely.

  • 09. How long does it take to set up the products?

    The set up time depends on the number and size of the products as well as the number of helpers. As an example an AquaTrack (6 products) can be set up in less than 30 minutes by two people.

  • 10. How are the Wibit products anchored in pools and open water?

    Wibit products can be anchored either horizontally to the pool edge or vertically to the pool ground by using Wibit Bungees attached to either race lane connector, ladder, start block or even suction cups. In open waters we use heavy weight anchors made from concrete. The Wibit Bungees that are pre-installed on various Wibit products will work as a shock absorber keeping the products perfectly in position.

  • 11. How are the products shipped?

    The products are shipped in a double layered cardboard box. Each product is covered with a transport bag that can be also used to store the products. We can provide various forms of transport via truck, air or sea freight through various carriers etc.

  • 12. What accessories are included?

    Each product includes an instruction manual (assembly, safety, anchoring, information etc), a repair manual and a repair kit for carrying out minor repairs, if necessary.

  • 13. How long is the guarantee and what is covered?

    The guarantee period is three years for all products except for buoyancy aids, gear, spare parts and all Wibitbranded electrical parts such as electric pumps for which the period is 1 year only. (For full details please see our Terms of Guarantee)

  • 14. What do I need to know about safety?

    All Wibit products comply with state of the art safety standards recognized world wide. All materials, test methods, consumer information, and specific safety requirements comply with European Norm EN 15649. Compliance is regularly tested by the world wide known German TÜV.

  • 15. What is WibitTAG?

    Wibit Sports' latest structural innovation is called WibitTAG. Within this unparalleled system, the modular play products are connected systematically to form letters. Any letter, number or symbol can be put on the water to be read from above.

  • 16. What are legal requirements?

    The starting point for every Sports Park is getting the concession and all necessary permits for a prime location (e. g. a beach that is highly frequented by tourists/locals). This can differ from country to country and sometimes even from location to location. So if you already have a location in mind, please contact your local authorities to find out what is needed. During your conversations with the local authorities, whenever a question comes up that you can't answer, please feel free to get in touch with us. Chances are good that we can reply or that we even already have the document you need.

  • 17. What are the Wibit success factors?

    With Wibit you get more! We want our customers to get an exclusive extra value that leads to long-term profitability . With 20 years of experience in the water sports business, we are the experts on installation, operation and maintenance of aquatic playgrounds. With the right equipment and service we will pass this knowledge over to you to ensure the best possible performance and revenue with your Sports Park!