Wibit at Liquid Leisure Wake Park
Wibit at Liquid Leisure Wake Park
Wibit at Liquid Leisure Wake Park
Windsor, UK

Wibit boosts guest numbers at Liquid Leisure Wake Park!

Wibit at Liquid Leisure Wake Park

The Liquid Leisure Watersports Complex is one of the top cable parks in the world and a showcase location for the national and international wakeboarding audience.
Ever since the venue installed their new Wibit Sports Park, guest numbers are exploding! The operators are thrilled about the additional people at their venue and the synergetic effects of the new attraction. 
"We have 200 people an hour on the Aqua Park and even had to stop marketing measures as we are fully booked for weeks.” says Richie Hiney, in-house designer at Liquid Leisure. "People love the new attraction, they stay longer and come back regularly!"

The individual setup is a customized Sports Park by Wibit Sports to fit shape and water depth of the lake and to provide different levels of challenge for the varying visitor types. Starting with easy obstacles in level 1, the products get more challenging with each route. Level 4 contains the toughest and highest products where the most strength and agility is needed. The new floating playground includes Action Towers, Monkey Bars, Hurdles and many more exciting modules to run, climb, balance, slide and jump. The shape was designed to fit the parameters of the lake and coexist with the other attractions of the venue.

“After using other brands and growing over the past five years into one of the largest Aqua Park Facilities in Europe we were introduced to Wibit from Germany and invited to a tour of their facility” says Stuart Marston, General Manager of Liquid Leisure. “The impact and professionalism of their company is second to none, a pure market leader in strength, safety & company ethics. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Go with Wibit the first time!”  

The synergetic effects of Wibit, wakeboarding, stand-up-paddling and other water sports activities make Liquid Leisure a number one leisure destination for the whole family!



Learn more about Wibit at Liquid Leisure here: http://liquidleisure.com/aqua-park/