Say VINPEARL on the water!
Say VINPEARL on the water!
Say VINPEARL on the water!
Nha Trang, Vietnam

WibitTAG - a floating playground on the water forming the letters VINPEARL, is now the new iconic structure of Vietnam´s most attractive amusement park.

Say VINPEARL on the water!

WibitTAG - a floating playground on the water forming the letters VINPEARL, is now the new iconic structure of Vietnam's most attractive amusement park.

Innovative thinking
Wibit Sports´ latest structural innovation is called WibitTAG. Within this unparalleled system, the modular play products are connected systematically to form letters. Any letter, number or symbol can be put on the water to be read from above.

This very system has now been applied to form the name of Vietnam´s big amusement park at Nha Trang Gulf: VINPEARL. This „recreational paradise“ already contains amusement rides, shows and a land based water park and has been voted as Vietnam´s most attractive amusement park (2015) by Vietnam Toursim Association. Now the brand name is swimming at the park´s own shore and waiting for fun seekers to play on it. Being 132 meters long and 32 meters wide, the floating playground can hold more than 450 people at a time. It consists of 160 individual products with diverse play functions like running, climbing, balancing, jumping or sliding - and it´s all on the water.

Reliable Business Partner
The project took six months to come to life. Looking for a new and innovative attraction for their recreational facility, the operators of Vinpearl Land discovered Wibit Sports at a tradeshow. After designing a 3D layout and doing a preinspection of the location, the German company shipped all products and equipment to Vietnam. The installation was done before Easter by Wibit´s professional installation team. It took five days, 6 technicians including divers and many helpers to set up this massive message on the water. The modular components have been inflated individually, put on the water and then connected to each other. 160 concrete blocks with a total weight of over 70.000 kg are now keeping the structure in position. The installation was followed by two days of training during which Wibit explained procedures and gave valuable advice on the daily operations of a Sports Park.

Making people happy
The grand opening of the new Wibit attraction was last week during a festival at the amusement park. Families, school classes and sports teams were excited to get onto the aquatic island to play, feeling like a child again. The whole project was a huge success and created tons of happy faces already in the first days of operation. Many more are to follow!


The attraction is now open to the public and ready to be conquered!