Sports Park M
Sports Park M
Action for many people

Sports Park M

All guests will be entertained by products of different challenge levels.

Key Features of the
Sports Park M

Infinite paths can be taken within the Sports Park M. All guests will be entertained by products of different challenge levels. 

The result will be the same for all: happy faces!

  • 2 Infinity Loops
  • Different level routes, many fun products
  • Entries everywhere
Sports Park M


  • Dimensions: 48,0 x 25,0 m
    157‘ x 82‘
  • Height: 4,0 m
  • Min. Water Depth : 2,5 m
  • Capacity: 80 - 100 people

Levels of the Sports Park M

The Sports Park M includes:

  • 8 x Step
  • 1 x Start Gate
  • 1 x Roundabout
  • 2 x Deck
  • 2 x L-Connect
  • 2 x R-Connect
  • 1 x Monkey Bars
  • 1 x Slide
  • 2 x Y-Connect
  • 1 x Flip
  • 6 x T-Connect
  • 1 x Cliff
  • 1 x Wiggle Bridge 3
  • 1 x Action Tower XXL
  • 1 x Dome
  • 1 x V-Connect
  • 1 x Curve
  • 1 x Hurdle
  • 1 x SideKick
  • 1 x Bridge
  • 1 x Balance Beam
  • 1 x Slope
  • 1 x Halfpipe

This Sports Park consists of:

ActionTower XXL ActionTower XXL
A challenging obstacle block in itself, the ActionTower will test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging and sliding activities. Promotes physical training and team building.
€1,000.00 *
Bridge Bridge
Crossing a bridge has never been so much fun! The perfect obstacle to make your combination more challenging and exciting
€1,000.00 *
Cliff Cliff
Combine's speed, strength, and agility. Taking on this "mountain" is more than a challenge. Try to hang on.
€1,000.00 *
Curve Curve
Test your speed on this banked corner. You'd better be quick or you'll slide off the Curve. Use it to build the ultimate race course on the water. Race you to the finish!
€1,000.00 *
Flip Flip
The first free floating catapult on the water! Use the Flip as a stand-alone item or connect to another Wibit product. Experience the exciting feeling of being launched into the air. This is where the action is!
€1,000.00 *
Junction Junction
Create a crisscross and new configurations with your Wibit products. Connections are possible on all 4 sides.
€1,000.00 *
Guard Tower Guard Tower
Lifeguarding becomes more challenging with increasing size of a Sports Park. To ease this duty, the new Guard Tower has an optimal height for a good overview .
€1,000.00 *
Monkey Bars Monkey Bars
Remember the monkey bars from your childhood playground? Wibit took this idea and brought it to the water! Test your arm muscles to swing and dangle like a monkey over the water. The Monkey Bars is a one-of-a-kind product innovation...
€1,000.00 *
SideKick SideKick
Allows for a 90° turn in combination with any Wibit product. Create twists and turns.
€1,000.00 *
Slide Slide
An easy obstacle to run or jump over.
€1,000.00 *
Swing Swing
A childhood dream… the world's first and only modular inflatable swing on the water! Feel like Tarzan and swing from one platform to the other. Promise, you never have seen this before!
€1,000.00 *
Trampoline 4 Trampoline 4
A Trampoline on the water - that sounds like fun! Jump as high as you can, make a somersault into the water or just chill on the net. The Trampoline 4 is the heart of the new and unique Wibit INFINITY configuration . It enables...
€1,000.00 *
T-Connect T-Connect
Turn left or right - it will always be the right choice! The T-Connect allows to create new and multiple paths in any Wibit configuration.
€1,000.00 *
Y-Connect Y-Connect
Choose your path - fun will be waiting on both ends ! The Y-Connect is an important element of the Wibit INFINITY configuration and offers ways to setup a Sports Park as it allows for multiple paths .
€1,000.00 *

Accessories Kit of the Sports Park M

Each Wibit product is equipped with the necessary setup parts. In addition, you will receive our Accessorie(s) Kits depending on the value of your combination.

  • 3 x Electric Pump
  • 1 x Manometer
  • 2 x Hand Pump
  • 2 x Bungee (2,2m / 7’-2“)
  • 2 x Safety Flap
  • 4 x Connector Straps (2 pcs.)
  • 4 x Velcro adapter (loops)

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