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All our open water products are available for pools as well. However, you might find that bigger is not always better and that in terms of handling, smaller products might be easier to manage for your pool staff. From our experience, in pools every cm / inch counts in terms of dimension and water depth. Let us give you the best recommendation for your individual needs.

Rock Fun ahead!
RodeoSlide Feel like a cowboy on the water!
RodeoSplash Ride the tubes or slide down in between for the ultimate cooling-down experience.
Roller Balance your way across from one end to the other. Who gets to the other side?
Roundabout Central meeting point
SafetyBuoys The SafetyBuoys create a high visibility perimeter for any location.
SideKick Allows for a 90° turn in combination with any Wibit product. Create twists and turns.
SideWalk Bridge the distance to your SportsPark
Slide An easy obstacle to run or jump over.
Slider Perfect add-on to the Bouncer XXL
Slope This steep slide is the perfect finish for an obstacle course! The Slope is also the highlight of the AquaTrack and AquaDuel Combo!
Spinner Feel the challenge of a spinning action on the water! Rotate the Spinner with your own body motion - get it going, then try to hold on!
Springboard Conquer this jump tower!
StartGate The new StartGate marks the starting point to the fun and helps to keep control on the entry process of the park.
StartGate SUS Start into the fun!
Step Getting onto the SportsPark is only one Step away.
Step 6 The Step 6 allows for groups to simultaneously climb aboard the SportsPark easily.
SunShade The SunShade brings visibility and attention to the Stand Up Paddling area.
SUP Dock Get your Stand Up Paddle instruction on the water and an immediate feeling for the material and the balance.
Swing The world's first and only modular inflatable swing on the water!
T-Connect The T-Connect allows to create new and multiple paths in any Wibit configuration.
T-Connect SUS The T-Connect SUS allows to create new and multiple paths in any Wibit configuration.
TakeOff Ready for take off!
Target A round race course on the water!
Trampoline 2 The Trampoline 2 is another part of the unique Wibit infinity configuration. It enables routes into two directions
Trampoline 4 The Trampoline 4 is the heart of the new and unique Wibit INFINITY configuration. It enables endless routes into all directions.
Turn Turn and continue with the fun!
Turn SUS Turn and continue with the fun!
Twist Let's twist again
V-Connect The new V-Connect is an easy obstacle to run or crawl over.
Volley A new dimension of Beach Volleyball: Play it on the water!
Wibit Hand A little play or relax island.
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