Swing Swing
A childhood dream… the world's first and only modular inflatable swing on the water! Feel like Tarzan and swing from one platform to the other. Promise, you never have seen this before!
€1,000.00 *
T-Connect T-Connect
Turn left or right - it will always be the right choice! The T-Connect allows to create new and multiple paths in any Wibit configuration.
€1,000.00 *
Trampoline 4 Trampoline 4
A Trampoline on the water - that sounds like fun! Jump as high as you can, make a somersault into the water or just chill on the net. The Trampoline 4 is the heart of the new and unique Wibit INFINITY configuration . It enables endless...
€1,000.00 *
V-Connect V-Connect
The new V-Connect is an easy obstacle to run or crawl over. When you happen to slip and fall, the tubes will catch you.
€1,000.00 *
PoloGoal PoloGoal
Create a new sporting activity at any pool or beach! The inflatable PoloGoal is easy to set up and quick to install! Just grab a ball and start playing!
€1,000.00 *
Volley Volley
A new dimension of Beach Volleyball: Play it on the water! The entire court floats. Set up one or more courts and host the first floating Beach Volleyball tournament in the world!
€1,000.00 *
Wibit Hand Wibit Hand
The Wibit frog hand logo on the water! Climb onto the huge hand and jump from finger to finger or right into the cool water! This flat product is a nice little island to play or relax on.
€1,000.00 *
WiggleBridge NM* WiggleBridge NM*
Who hasn't dreamt of being able to walk over water? The Wibit WiggleBridge NM* makes it possible! But be careful - crossing this bridge is a real challenge! Can you keep your balance? You've never crossed a bridge like this! 3, 6 or 12...
€1,000.00 *
WiggleDisc WiggleDisc
Didn´t you ever dream about walking on water? With the Wibit WiggleBridge you can - if you are able to keep your balance! WiggleBridge 3, 6 or 12 - the more Discs there are, the more challenging it gets! This WiggleBridge is modular and...
€100.00 *
WiggleBridge StartBlock WiggleBridge StartBlock
This WiggleBridge is modular and can be connected to all other modular Wibit products in open water or commercial pool configurations.
€100.00 *
Y-Connect Y-Connect
Choose your path - fun will be waiting on both ends ! The Y-Connect is an important element of the Wibit INFINITY configuration and offers ways to setup a SportsPark as it allows for multiple paths .
€1,000.00 *
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