Wibit loves Cable Parks
Wibit loves Cable Parks
Wibit loves Cable Parks
Hampshire, UK

Third expansion in three years – New Forest Water Park adding the KidsZone

Wibit loves Cable Parks

Third expansion in three years – New Forest Water Park adding the KidsZone

Sports Parks build a perfect synergy with cable parks. The floating playgrounds are a family friendly attraction offering activities for all ages. The operators of New Forest Water Park in Hampshire UK saw this potential back in 2015 and now dive into their third Wibit year with great expectations. 

After installing the first Wibit Sports Park in the UK in 2015, the owners of the fresh water lake in the south of England followed the need of the increasing customer rush to extend their combination. In 2016 the structure almost doubled in size, capacity went from the initial 60 persons in 2015 up to over 100 last year. 

But that wasn't enough! 

This year, the operators added even more products to the existing playground and reshaped the whole structure. Right next to it, in the shallow part of the lake, they put a KidsZone for the youngest fun-seekers (7 -14 years) to run, climb and jump. 

“I’ve been running the water park for nearly 27 years now and the introduction of the Wibit modules has proved to be so successful in terms of the fun factor, but also the fitness element” says Mark Jury, the Park´s Managing Director. “Last year we were inundated with enquiries for private hire for youngsters, so we have listened to our customers and are launching Kids Zone in April”.

The whole Aqua Park now has a capacity of almost 200 people playing at a time! Families, sports teams or companies – everybody is invited to come down to the beautiful lake and enjoy a day of water sports in a fun and healthy environment. Re-opening of the park was at the end of April. The season will go until the end of September. 

More information on www.newforestwaterpark.co.uk

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