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Open Water

Say it on the water!™

WibitTAG presents a new configuration of our popular Sports Park aquatic playgrounds that does not only revolutionize fun on the water but the way of communicating it

Our modular components can now be arranged into letters to write almost anything on the water. In fact, we’ve created our own floating font library so you can see how each character looks and what modular components it’s made of.

With WibitTAG, resorts, cities, countries and even private operators can now “tag” their beachfront locations to maximize exposure from land and air, giving them an iconic identity and one-of-a-kind communication tool.


WibitTAG Alphabet

WibitTAG it!

Connecting products have been designed to keep the letters in shape and enable adequate anchoring. The Wibit Sidewalk provides the neccessary stability for each word and is a huge slide at the same time. The amazing demand for bigger and bigger parks grows each year and now we have an exciting new way to configure these parks plus help you market your locations.

We think this might be the first ever floating sign that people can actually play on! Pictures taken from above are postcard worthy. They will become the new key visual for every location with the potential to quickly spreadthrough search engines and social media.

The new concept is a way of marketing that has never been seen before. You´ve got something to say? Say it on the water - or in other words:
WibitTAG it!


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