Wibit Set-Up Features


Inflate with the Wibit electric blower or hand pump. Use the included manometer to check correct working pressure.
using the connector straps to attach the products together. Cover the gap between the products with the Wibit Flap

Wibit Anchoring Features



Option 1
• Horizontal anchoring with the Wibit Safety Bungee 3m / 9.8ft
• Attach to a race lane connector, ladder, start block or any solid object.
• Required safety distance of 3m / 9.8ft from the products to the pool edge.

Option 2
• Vertical anchoring with the Wibit Safety Bungee 1,2 m / 3.9 ft
• Use suction-cups or a heavy weight (Wibit Anchor Sacks) as anchor attachment points.

Note the Safety Bungee cord works like a shock absorber as it stretches.
It minimizes the force on the attachment point while keeping the product in position.