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How much water space do you have to work with? For some Wibit customers, this is not a primary concern, but many others have to take this into careful consideration for various reasons. A minimum of 24.5 x 16.5m (80 x 54ft) is required for the Sports Park 35 - to a maximum of 42 x 48m (138 x 157.5ft) for our colossal Sports Park 145.

Water Depth

Water depth

2.5m or 8.2ft will be required for proper water depth safety. This is not usually a big hurdle for most of our customers, but depending on the tide and other factors, might require you to place your Sports Park further from the shore..


Capacity - Size

How many people are you hoping to entertain at any given time. 20 people? 50 people? 145 people? This is a question we ask customers to think about carefully. A common remark we hear from Wibit customers is “I should have made my Sports Park bigger!”. With the modularity of Wibit, this isn’t a big issue - you can always add more products. That said, the bigger your Sports Park is, the more customers you’ll be able to entertain, thus the more revenue you’re capable of generating. The larger your Sports Park the greater a spectacle it will also become, helping attract more customers.



Cost is obviously a very real and tangible consideration, and is part of the reason we’ve created 4 specific Sport Park sizes, providing a solution for most any budget and location size.
Determining your budget though should also take in to consideration the following factors:
- customer concession fee / price
- location costs, lease, etc.
- hours and days of operation
- weather: seasonal operation vs year round operation in warmer climates
- staffing & setup costs

Let Wibit help you decide

Contact us or your local Wibit distributor to discover your potential Sports Park ROI and which Sports Park is the best fit for you. We’ll also help you develop a business plan tailored to your location. The Wibit Sports Park is proven to attract guests and generate revenue, and we’re dedicated to your parks success and your customers enjoyment!

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