Stand Up Paddling new defined


A floating Dock on the water also for exercise lessons or Yoga classes.

Key Features of the

An immediate, hands-on learning experience in the water eases and speeds up the SUP-rental process for instructor and participants while preserving the SUP material. The floating Dock on the water brings additional options and challenge to SUP exercise lessons or Yoga classes.

  • Marina for stand up paddle boards
  • Train, start & relax in between your SUP tour
  • Easily connected to any Sports Park


  • Dimensions: 16 x 4 m
    52' x 13'
  • Height: 3,0 m
  • Min. Water Depth : 1,2 m
  • Capacity: 12 people

The DockingStation includes:

  • 2 x Step
  • 2 x SUP Dock
  • 2 x Sun Shade

This Sports Park consists of:

Sun Shade
Sun Shade
Not only does the Sun Shade  protect the SUP-instructor from the sun , it also brings visibility and attention  to the Stand Up Paddling area, even on a crowded beach.
€1,000.00 *
SUP Dock
SUP Dock
Easy SUP-learning! Get your Stand Up Paddle instruction on the water and an immediate feeling for the material and the balance you need on the board. SUP-operators will love this product innovation! The boards don´t get dragged...
€1,000.00 *
    • 4x Connector Straps (2 pcs.) 
    • 4x Velcro Adapter (loops) 
    • 2x Safety Flap.2x Bungee (2,2m/7‘-2“) 
    • 2x Hand Pump 
    • 3x Electric Pump 
    • 1x Manometer
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