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Open Water

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Sports Park 65

Many different paths can be taken on this obstacle course that is equipped with the brand new Monkey Bars where visitors can swing and dangle to see who can get the farthest.

The Sports Park 65 includes the new Lifeguard Tower which allows an ideal field of vision over the whole park and quick reactions times in case of any disturbance. 

Key Features:

  • Infinity Loop - allows endless routes of fun
  • All new Monkey Bars included
  • New Lifeguard Tower included for ideal supervision
  • Includes 2 Value Packages

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Specifications:   (Sports Park 65)

Capacity: x65 People
Dimensions: (L x W)
36 x 31 m / 118 x 98.5 ft
3 m / 10 ft
Min. Water Depth:
2,5m / 8.2 ft

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The Sports Park 65 Includes:

1 x ActionTower XXL
1 x Bridge
1 x Cliff
1 x Curve
1 x Flip
1 x Junction
1 x Lifeguard Tower
1 x Monkey Bars
2 x Pond
3 x Ramp FlatTop™
5 x SideKick
2 x Slide
1 x Swing
2 x T-Connect
1 x Trampoline 4
4 x Y-Connect


All products are equipped with the necessary set-up material.
In addition, EVERY standard open water combination comes with several free extras:

4x Connector Straps (2 pcs.)
4x Velcro Adapter (loops)
2x Safety Flap.

2x Bungee (2,2m/7‘-2“)
2x Hand Pump
3x Electric Pump
1x Manometer

Value Packages

Wibit rewards your purchase. Depending on the value of your combination, you can choose from a selection of seven packages the most suitable option for your location for free.

Ask your sales rep for more information.


The Sports Park 65 consists of:

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