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Open Water

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Sports Park 35

Climbing, jumping and sliding guarantee the fun on this combination! With the current most popular Wibit products and the innovative High Roller, the Sports Park 35 is a good entry point into the Wibit business. It suits even a small budget or limited dimensions while generating revenue.

Key Features:
• All new High Roller
• Budget friendly Sports Park
• Wibit favorites: ActionTower XXL and Trampoline 4
• Easily enlarged with other Wibit modular products
• Includes 1 Value Package

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Specifications:   (Sports Park 35)

Capacity: x35 People
(L x W) 24,5 x 17 m / 80 x 56 ft
Height: 3 m / 10 ft
Min. Water Depth:
2,5 m / 8.2 ft

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The Sports Park 35 Includes:

1 x ActionTower XXL
1 x Balance Beam
1 x Flip
1 x High Roller
2 x Ramp FlatTop™
1 x SideKick
1 x Slope
1 x Trampoline 4
2 x Y-Connect


All products are equipped with the necessary set-up material.
In addition, EVERY standard open water combination comes with several free extras:

4x Connector Straps (2 pcs.)
4x Velcro Adapter (loops)
2x Safety Flap.

2x Bungee (2,2m/7‘-2“)
2x Hand Pump
3x Electric Pump
1x Manometer

Value Packages

Wibit rewards your purchase. Depending on the value of your combination, you can choose from a selection of seven packages the most suitable option for your location for free.

Ask your sales rep for more information.


The Sports Park 35 consists of:

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