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Open Water

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The new DockingStation is an extension of the Wibit portfolio. It can be used individually or connected to any Wibit Sports Park.

An immediate, hands-on learning experience in the water eases and speeds up the SUP-rental process for instructor and participants while preserving the SUP material. Docking in the water, your SUPs are prevented from damage through too much dragging over the ground which will increase their life span.

The floating Dock on the water brings additional excitement and challenge to SUP exercise lessons or Yoga classes.  The Sun Shade has a good visibility from the beach and provides shade for the SUP instructor or fitness trainer.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for SUP rental companies
  • A new innovative way for docking SUP boards
  • Preserving SUP material
  • Connects easily to any Sports Park

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Specifications:   (DockingStation)

Capacity: x12 People
Dimensions: (L x W)
16 x 4 m / 52 x 13 ft
3 m / 10 ft
Min. Water Depth:
1,2 m / 3.11 ft

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The DockingStation Includes:

2 x Ramp FlatTop™
1 x Sun Shade
2 x SUP Dock


All products are equipped with the necessary set-up material.
In addition, EVERY standard open water combination comes with several free extras:

4x Connector Straps (2 pcs.)
4x Velcro Adapter (loops)
2x Safety Flap.

2x Bungee (2,2m/7‘-2“)
2x Hand Pump
3x Electric Pump
1x Manometer

Value Packages

Wibit rewards your purchase. Depending on the value of your combination, you can choose from a selection of seven packages the most suitable option for your location for free.

Ask your sales rep for more information.


The DockingStation consists of:

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