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Open Water

Make Your Cable Park
More Profitable!


Complement your cable park with a customized floating Sports Park from Wibit and make your location even more profitable.

Something for Everyone!

Attract guests of all ages and keep them entertained with a variety of activities during their visit. With configurations designed to accommodate from 35 to 145+ guests at a time, there is a Wibit Sports Park that’s right for you.

Durable, commercial grade construction along with TUV safety certifications is just the beginning. As the pioneers of this entire category almost 20 years ago, you can count on us for industry-leading quality and incredible service — just ask our clients.

What about ROI? With hundreds of installations worldwide, the vast majority of our clients see a 100% ROI in less than a single season. We will show you how they do it.

Talk to us about getting a Wibit Sports Park added to your cable park. We are here to help.



Wibit Sports Parks
Wibit Sports Parks
Wibit Sports Parks
Wibit Sports Parks
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Wibit Sports Parks

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