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About Us

1994 - Soccer team mates

Our co-founder, Robert, from Canada, attends his brother's wedding in Germany and on a whim decides to try out for a German soccer team where he meets Romann. They become instant friends.

1996 - 1st Euro Water Trampoline

Robert and Romann see their first water trampoline in an American water sports magazine and decide to be the first to import them into Europe.

1997 - The Boot in Dusseldorf

Exhibiting at the BOOT show in Dusseldorf, their one and only trampoline is stolen and their newly formed company is almost dead in the water. Despite this, the two friends keep their tails up and continue the business.

2000 - The Aqua Park is born!

The co-founders see the need for a commercial grade floating park and begin to design and produce their own high quality products.

2007 - Playful inspiration

Inspired by "LEGO", a new interlocking and modular style of water park is conceived to reinvent the category.

2008 - The evolution of waterplay

Looking for a fresh and suitable image for the fun products, the company excitedly rebrands itself. The Wibit brand is born!Can you guess how we came up with our name?.


2014 - INFINITY configuration

With the INFINITY configuration Wibit reaches a new
dimension of playing on the water that allows for endless
paths and never ending fun.


Say it on the water™! The new WibitTAG system is the
world´s first floating sign people can actually play on and
provides an iconic identity to each location.


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