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1. Securing concession rights

Negotiating concession rights for your desired location is easier if you have all the information you need in one place. Please contact your local authorities and let us know what information they require. We can then help you collect the right documentation to make a great presentation.
You’ll find our reputation and worldwide presence an asset as well.

2. Installation

Our experienced installers will assess your location, help you position the anchors and inflate and assemble your Wibit Sports Park professionally and securely.

3. Professional appearance

With our Wibit Gear Kit (shirts, shorts, caps, bags, wristbands, flags, etc) you’re ready to start selling and look great doing it. Having a professional and branded beach presence is key to building trust with customers. We even provide a Wibit Beach Tent to act as a ticket booth and entrance to your park while protecting your staff from sun exposure.

4. Operational guidelines and best practices

We’ve consolidated best practices from our operators around the world and share that experience with you: How much to charge; when to open; controlling traffic and how to promote your location.

5. Safety and emergency plan

Lifeguarding recommendations are key to preventing injury and severe accidents. We will train you and your staff on how to control the park and where the lifeguard should sit. Safety warning signs are also provided and we will let you know what other safety equipment needs to be purchased.

6. Repair, cleaning & maintenance training

Right after we install the park for you we will provide you with training for typical repairs and how to inspect and care for your park to make it last for years.

7. Activities & games

Offering a portfolio of activities for birthday parties or team building events gives you access to a wider target group. We provide you with a collection of ideas to generate this additional revenue for your location.

8. Marketing support

Not only will we promote your location on our Wibit Finder, we will also support you with pictures and design files for flyers, banners and online appearance to help you increase attention of and traffic to your location.

9. 5-star customer service

We take great pride in our after-sale support. We want you to succeed, which is why we are here for you not only throughout the season but all year long.

10. After season follow-up

We want to help you grow and improve your business. Our customers get great value from talking to our team about changes and expansion opportunities for the next season to make operations smoother and more profitable. We share best practices with all our clients to help them reach their goals. It’s also a time for us to collect feedback on how we can improve for you. Learning from experience is priceless.

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