Wibit captures the hearts of the Spanish

A gigantic Wibit wave rolls through Spain this summer...

Wibit captures the hearts of the Spanish

As a result of a long and intensive German – Spanish co-operation: a gigantic Wibit wave rolls through Spain this summer and even goes through the probably most prestigious coastline of the country: the Costa del Sol!

The otherwise so hesitant Spanish government – in particular in the South – were convinced  through the customer-specific consultation from the whole Wibit team,  through the well-organized planning in which the extremely challenging conditions on site were taken into account and especially through the unprecedented high level of safety of the Wibit products (TÜV testing by EN 15649). The delivery and installation went smoothly thanks to the endless and flexible commitment of the Wibit team, so that the first Sports Parks have set anchor at the Costa del Sol and in Catalonia. The feedback in these regions to the completely new concept is overwhelming: in addition to the numerous local guests every day tourists from all over the world enjoy this unforgettable holiday experience!

The Wibit wave already swashed over to the Spanish islands: a loyal Wibit customer on the Canary Islands decided  this year to spice up his already 10 year old park with a couple of new color splashes. The newly installed Wibit products put a sparkle in the children’s eyes!

One thing is already clear: the Spanish Wibit wave is still moving – we wonder where its next journey will continue to!

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